Monday, March 26, 2012

Dollar Store Makeup?! - Jordana Cosmetics

Hey Girls!
I've been MIA for awhile, but I'm back! I'm trying t update my blog more often, I'm uploading a haul video that includes the Jordana Cosmetics that will be shown in this post!

Where can you find Jordana Cosmetics?
I found everything you see here at my local DOLLAR STORE! I had to go to a few of them because I really wanted the blushes!

How much does everything cost?
Lip glosses: $1.00 each
Lipsticks: $1.00 each
Eyeshadows: $1.00 each
Mascara: $1.29
Blushes: $1.29 each
Eyeliner: $1.00
*** if you order ONLINE from the Jordana Cosmetics website, the prices are HIGHER***


As you can see, the packaging is horrible... very cheap looking and not durable. However the product inside is ALRIGHT!

Sorbet(left) and Amorose(right)
These lip glosses are very basic. They have a cherry scent to them which i do not like. The color pay off is pretty good. Sorbet is pretty sheer. They do not last that long but the good thing is, is that they ARE NOT sticky! i hate sticky lip glosses.

Coco Malt(left) and Toasty Taupe(right)
DO NTO BUY THESE! save your $2 !!! they are so drying, well, at least these two are drying.. the color of these on my lips looked horrible, looked sort of flaky with an odd sheen. I do not recommend these.

(from left to right)

Over the Taupe, Mauve my Way, Bronzeville, Brunette(brow powder)
**i am missing Creamy Vanilla but that was a matte creamy highlight color**
I really enjoy these eyeshadows!!! Very pigmented, the matte shadows can get chalky, however the satin finishes are AMAZING esp. for the price! They are not SUPER long lasting however apply a good primer and they'll last longer!

Over the Taupe: MY FAVORITE!! almost an EXACT dupe of MAC's Satin Taupe!!! There's a picture below witht he 2 shadows swatched next to each other!
Mauve my Way: A matte taupe color with an undertone of purple, its a beautiful color!
Bronzeville: Beautiful gold color that has a great finish, very smooth applies nicely.
Brunette: a brown powder with great pigmentation. You cannot where this on its own because it will fade, I would recommend to apply a wax with it.

here's a picture of MAC Satin Taupe(left) and Over the Taupe(right)
As you can see, they are so SIMILAR!!

(from left to right)
Coral Sandy Beach, Bronze, Terracotta, Redwood

These blushes are AMAZING for the price! The payoff is very good and they last pretty long on the face! I like the color choices and how smoothly they go on! I recommend them!

This eyeliner is not bad. Applies smoothly and last an okay time .. I did find myself having to re-apply. It was difficult to wash off my hand if that counts!

that's all! i hope you all enjoyed!
please let me know if you've tried Jordana Cosmetics, how you feel and which products you think I should check out!!
see you all soon!



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  2. Hey which dollar stores do you mean?
    I've tried a few and it's been tough to find them.