100 Envelope Savings Challenge Tracker Printable (Colorful)


Downloadable PDF file in Colorful

Size: 8.5 x 11

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This is a downloadable PDF file of the 100 Envelope Savings Challenge in the Colorful layout!
How the challenge works: Number 100 envelopes with $1-$100 ( first envelope is $1, second envelop is $2 etc.) Every week, draw 2 random envelopes and stuff the amount that is written on the envelope and put aside. After 50 weeks you will have $5,050! Use this sheet to track your progress!

Print at your leisure and track your progress and journey with this easy to use PDF. This is a great way to make saving fun!

(You will receive the downloadable PDF via email)

I hope you enjoy – & thank you so much for your support!

xo Jerlyn


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